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for pre-production

An IC adds values not only on set -during filming but also in pre-production stages such as writing and casting. Together, IIA will collaborate on script development to ensure the authenticity of the narrative. Whether it is LGBQTIA+, Simulated Sexual Violence, BDSM or Kink, an IC assists by ensuring representation is accurate and accessible to audiences.


Employing an Intimacy Coordinator during casting is best practice for productions to ensure transparency, advocacy, and collaboration throughout each stage of development.

for the performer

This work is for the performer wanting to get more in tune with their body to experience freedom on set during intimate scenes.

Using a multi-tiered system of support, IIA works with the performer to increase the awareness of personal boundaries and the body's needs for physical, emotional and psychological safety and comfort.


We'll explore how movement systems (Le Coq, Laban, etc.), yoga, meditation, breathwork and explorative dialogue can inform your practice, create more nuanced storytelling, and increase confidence when navigating simulated intimacy for stage and screen.

for production

Together, we craft compelling narratives through collaboration, whilst working within the personal parameters of the performer.


Working in tandem with the Director, HODs and performer(s), we'll outline the creative vision for the scene and the practical requirements before choreographing intimate scenes within the boundaries of each individual, documenting the process as we go.


Working with an IC helps to ensure your creative practice is repeatable, safe, and robust, which enables the performer to find greater autonomy and empowerment in their work.

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